Foreign Recipes Domestically Made (ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

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“What is Foreign Recipes Domestically Made?

Foreign Recipes Domestically Made is a collection of songs being cooked up from a foreign mindset. First, literally being foreign from across the seas. Second, speaking of the heavenly mindset as I by the grace of God strive for that place through the things I do. Many sources of inspiration in the stories mentioned either came from my childhood memories, travels back home, or from my cultural background. Some of these songs are like wine that needed the time to mature as they told the story of who I was and who I became to be. In the literal sense it is seen through my struggle to find my identity as a Russian-American & an artist. In the spiritual sense it is seen through my personal testimony as I wondered off into sin and only by God’s grace repeatedly finding my true identity in Christ alone as a sinner that’s been forgiven. If there is anything you can get in these lyrical recipes, I hope it is a sense and a realization of our need for the Savior Jesus Christ. Whether it is evident directly or indirectly, this is what I try to reflect in these songs as I share the story of how great He has been to me by finding me worthy to express that through hip hop. I hope that you’ll be able to feast on the songs I’m serving you, and if they get boring, I’m pretty sure we’ll be feasting on things much greater when we’re up in Heaven. Until then, enjoy.”

– Alexey Dolotov

Free Download

Courtesy of Sphere Of Hip Hop


01 – New Audio Recipe feat. J Wereley, Stak1, & 27 Notes
02 – Why Hip Hop feat. Ruslan of theBreax & Max G of A.M. Radio
03 – Hungry feat. Jupiter 7
04 – Midnight Rap Sessions
05 – Jesus Thank You – Produced by Doloto
06 – My Dear Child feat. Anton V of former Thoughts Aloud
07 – Monsters
08 – Shame feat. DJ Etch-Ah-Sketch
09 – Beautiful
10 – Broke MC
11 – Rich
12 – Time Crisis
13 – World Falling Apart feat. BIG P & Raquel Nicole Jeté
14 – How Many Days
15 – ’11 & Continuing



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